Demyx in the City

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((This is a journal for derilectfallsrp. Demyx and Kingdom Hearts belong to Square-Enix and Disney and I'm not making any money off of him, so please don't sue me?))

Character: Demyx
Series: Kingdom Hearts (specifically II)
Character history: Demyx's in-game history is chronicled here under "Story". However, since Demyx is one of those characters that isn't given much backstory, I tend to add bits of one about his Other.

Meyd Kanalui was a stereotypical "popular kid". That is to say, he was one of those people who had absolutely no right to be popular, but was anyway. He grew up in Hawaii - specifically in Līhuʻe on the island of Kauai. He shamelessly manipulated his friends and his enemies all the way through high school and into college. Apart from his callousness - he even joined a band just to become more popular - his only notable feature was the conviction that the odd occurrences that tended to happen around the island were caused by aliens (he happened to be one hundred percent correct in this), which he refused to share with anyone for fear of being considered "weird". It's possible that Demyx's friendly demeanor is at least partially trying to make up for Meyd being a rotten human being - though that would require feeling guilty about Meyd's actions.

Meyd was nineteen when everything changed - the Heartless came to his world. Fearful of being swallowed by the darkness like the rest, Meyd searched for his world's keyhole and led the Heartless there when he found it. The fact that Demyx exists reveals just how much gratitude the Heartless showed him.